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“Nothing worth knowing can be taught” (Carl Whitaker)

Dr. Assael Romanelli, PhD

  • Married to Galit and father of two.

  • Individual, couple and family therapy practice in Arnona, Jerusalem and in The Reut Institute for couple and family therapy.

  • Licensed Clinical Social worker (M.A. Hons) specializing in child and adolescent therapy, Haifa University.

  • Certified Couple and Family therapist and supervisor by the Israeli Association of Marital and Family Therapy. Trained in Shiluv and Barkai Institutes in Israel.

  • PhD from Hebrew University, School of Social Work - studying the effects of teaching therapists theater improvisational skills.

  • Former lecturer in the School of Social Work, Hebrew University.

  • Diploma in Psychodramatic facilitation from Hakol Kore center in Jerusalem.

  • Mental Health officer in the IDF Reserves.

  • Lecturer, trainer and facilitator in Israel and abroad on therapy, arts and education.

  • Previously, head of the Family therapy unit in the community mental health clinic of North Jerusalem.


I'm a Husband, father, son, brother and friend. I'm a therapist and supervisor who continues to travel the path, who meets and accompanies people on their way to connect to themselves and others. A clinician, researcher and performance artist, who stands on the shoulders of giants and to connect different disciplines in order to generate a synergistic, inter-disciplinary body of knowledge and experience.


In my therapeutic work, as well as in my private life, I believe in experience and play as a ways humans learn and to change. In the therapy room I create a transitional space where one can reflect, experiment, improvise and play. In this safe area, the client can practice implementing change in the "real" world. I also bring myself to the encounter, ready to meet and be changed by the client. This is how we both grow every encounter.


The therapeutic encounter is intimate and often “difficult” because it requires us both to put effort, to expose and be exposed, reflect, take responsibility and be honest with ourselves and each other.

I'm ready to meet. How about you?

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